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May the Force be with you!

In recent years, video posts on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have gained tremendous momentum.

Whether you want to promote your website or your product, videos allow you to convey your message more impressively and effectively.

They stand out from the crowd and lead to a higher click-through rate on your Instagram ads compared to image-only posts.

It's important to note that Instagram and other social media platforms are a great way to connect with new audiences.

These widely used platforms provide a diverse and sophisticated environment that can be used to expand reach and increase visibility.

As a web agency, KASAN goes far beyond simply creating websites.

I also support you with marketing and make sure that your website is found.

To achieve the best results in this area, I work with a great team of videographers who specialize in documentary features.

In a detailed methodology post, I go deeper into the importance of video in the modern online marketing landscape.

Here, I draw on my years of experience in art direction and my extensive knowledge of current trends to offer you valuable insights and practical tips.

With KASAN on your side, you not only get an appealing and functional website, but also the support you need to reach and engage your online audience.

Here you can see my videos on the different platforms: Instagram | Pinterest | Youtube | Facebook | Vimeo

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