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No customer ever buys a product.
He always buys what the product does for him.


Overall, the website for Die Bewerbung is a successful combination of appealing design, ease of use and practical functions that offer customers a convenient and time-saving way to professionally prepare and present their application documents.

Work done: Website / Logo / Google AdWords Campaign / SEO Package

Overall, the result was a professional yet vibrant website that meets Peier Aero's high standards and provides users with an unforgettable online experience.

Work done: Website / Logo / Intro Movie / Business Cards / Stationery

The website for Roland Peier combines an appealing design with easy handling and useful features that offer high added value to both the customer and the website visitors. This makes the search for a suitable apartment in Thailand a pleasant and uncomplicated experience for everyone involved.

Work done: Website / Logo / Business Cards

The design of the website is optimized for all devices, so it works equally well and looks appealing on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. The user-friendly design and easy-to-understand navigation elements enable customers to use the website effortlessly and intuitively to find all the information they need and place their orders.

Work done: Website / Logo /

This helps to enhance the firm's image and convince potential clients of the lawyer's expertise and professional approach.

Work done: Website / photography / logo / business cards / stationery

This small, but nice online presence helps to successfully present the business to the customer and to attract new customers for her relaxing and soothing massages.

Work done: Website / Logo / Flyer

The appealing presentation and user-friendly structure of the website allows the restaurant's potential guests to navigate easily and intuitively, so they can effortlessly find all the information they are looking for - from the dishes on offer to the opening hours.

Work done: Website / Menu Map / Signalization / Flyer


Great ideas, bold suggestions, surprising creativity, clever inputs.

I am very satisfied all around and grateful for the stationery, logo, website, business card and the photos.

One for all, instead of having to coordinate several who may not know each other.

I am really happy to have chosen KASAN .

town-sports - Dominique Sauge

After our former webmaster jumped off, a newsletter from just came in, in which he presented his web service to us.

Since we already knew KASAN and his concept sounded very convincing, we entrusted ourselves to him and in the next step immediately placed the order for a complete solution. The efficiency, creativity and professionalism that KASAN displayed can hardly be surpassed.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his great work and hope to continue with them for as long as possible.

His top service and all-round care are highly recommended by us!

hands-on-hospitality - Jean Pierre Schirach

Highly complicated and expensive" I thought when I started to work on my website.

Thanks to "" the opposite became true. In just one session with KASAN we discussed and structured the framework, structure and content.

For each element he offered different possibilities and pragmatic solutions.

For me "big problems" were wiped away by him with a few "clicks"!
The strength of KASAN lies on the one hand in the ease of use of the web program, but mostly in Kasan's solution-oriented approach and mentality.

It was great to be able to realize my logo, website and business cards with him.

Image Factory - Beat & Susan Etter

Working with KASAN is simply fun - and besides, you learn a lot from him.

His many years of experience as an art director, photographer and web designer form a clear basis for his job.

It's easy for him to empathize with his customers and their businesses and to develop a web presence together with him that is simply right and adapted to the individual circumstances.

If you have any questions or problems, he is always happy to help you as a competent consultant and coach.

We can only recommend him.

Acentix - René Dürst

We have been working with KASAN for 11 years in a wide variety of areas.

We appreciate his pragmatic way of taking customer ideas and requirements and putting them into practice.

artistic combined with a technically innovative solution, from the design of the homepage over products flyer, up to image brochure show his range of his work.

Delivering specified solutions also within a specified time and price frame are further reasons for our long-standing partnership.

AO Eyewear - Thomas Sales

With KASAN Web Design we have found a reliable partner for the programming of our website.

Special wishes are realized promptly and with a lot of understanding for the product. Uncomplicated and extremely competent, Kasan handles even difficult requirements within a very short time.

Always available, Kasan also makes optimization suggestions on its own, which the customer would never think of, but which contribute significantly to the perfection of the website.

All this at an unbeatable price. Big advantage: once the website is up and running, it is very easy to update it yourself. Great recommendation!

Thomann Consulting - Julius Thomann

I thank Kasan Mantel for the original ideas and for the professional work in all aspects.

We didn't want just a web agency that realizes a technical solution! With KASAN we have found someone who convinces in many respects.

The creative proposals, the technical implementation, the easy cooperation, the problem-free exchange of thoughts and ideas have convinced us.

We are happy to recommend and thank them for their great support.

Tuck Tuck - Stephan Di Gallo

Kasan was a competent partner over 11 years.

He accompanied the company in all marketing matters since its foundation.

It is thanks to him that we are always perceived by our customers as an innovative and fresh company.

The solutions are very creative and are professionally implemented down to the last detail.

We thank KASAN for the great support

Dablunschi - Daniel Blunschi

KASAN is an address that I can only recommend.

He has adapted very well to our individual needs and thus delivered an optimal, tailor-made product.

Competent, fair prices, quick solutions to problems.

Rent apartment Thailand - Roland Peier

I would like to thank KASAN for the extremely professional work in all matters. I especially appreciate the intensive collaboration.

Kasan did not simply present a pan-ready solution, but took the time to develop it together.

In the end, this is how the appearance came about, as I imagined it.

Linking to Google is also a specialty of Kazan. This is indispensable if you want to be found on the Internet at all.

Thai Food Brugg - Pratan Kongthai

KASAN has completely redone the website for Thai Food Brugg.

He also redesigned our menu and photographed all our dishes. In addition, he also updated Google Places and set up Google Maps.

For he took care of updating the pictures and set up Trip Advisor for us.

Our guests also praise the website and the revised menu.

We definitely have more guests after the update and also have more direct orders. We are very happy with his work and can only recommend him!

The prices are very good.

Thank you Joe&Nim - Claude Keller

KASAN is creative, ingenious, thinks ahead and is super reliable.

I am happy to recommend him on this way.

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